Choosing A Wine Refrigerator That’s Right For You


It’s great to have a refrigerator dedicated purely to wine. Moreover, it’s the logical next step if you want to expand the number of bottles you have in your collection. But what actually makes a good wine cooler? What steps should you take to ensure it’s most appropriate for your requirements? These four pointers focus around the Danby dwc350blp. They cover the most important elements to consider:

1) Positioning

Figure out upfront on the most ideal place to position your wine cooler. This one action will immediately indicate if a ‘built in’ or free-standing cooler is needed. Plus it will help you see if the door needs to open from the left or right.

2) Capacity

For many households, a 35-bottle capacity fridge like the Danby dwc350blp is ideal. This particular model doesn’t occupy much space. But it’s large enough to accommodate your wine collection as it grows over time. Decide in advance the number of bottles you’d like your fridge to be able to hold.

3) Shelving

Slide-out shelves may not seem like the most important of features to have. But it can really help if you want to stand some bottles upright and make their labels more visible. Many great wine coolers give you this flexibility, so you can arrange the bottles to your liking.

4) Built-in Adjustable Thermostat

There are those who like white wine. Red or sparkling wine varieties are more appealing to others. And at the crux of all this is the fact that different wines suit a range of storing temperatures. So check to see your unit has an adjustable thermostat like the Danby dwc350blp wine cooler. This makes it simple to keep your wines are the ideal temperature for drinking. Refer back to this advice any time you need a wine chilling fridge, and it should help you find what you need a lot faster.