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Say it loud to your partner – “I have erectile dysfunction!”

You should not be embarrassed to talk to your partner about erectile dysfunction. They are one half of your relationship, and as such, you need to be open and honest with them about what is going on with you if you want them to support you and help you in finding a treatment for erectile dysfunction that is right for the both of you.

Remember, that above all else, communication is key in any relationship, especially when the topic of conversation is about erectile dysfunction. The main reason that men do not tell their women about erectile dysfunction is that they believe that once this is said, your partner will not want to be with you anymore and will criticize you. Men are afraid of embarrassment, stress, and believe that erectile dysfunction is a permanent condition and there is nothing that can be done – they do not know there are treatment options out there. Some men are afraid that the treatments are too expensive and do not know that ED pills can be purchased online, prescription free for a fraction of a price. If you tell your partner that you suffer from impotence, they will not walk away. What they will give to you are words of encouragement and support. They will do research and find the available treatment options so you can discuss together what options will benefit both of you as a couple.

Once you tell your partner that you have erectile dysfunction, it is good to join a support group of other couples who are suffering from it as well. They are great sources of advice when it comes to how to handle the information, how to discuss it in a loving and supportive manner, and also give you advice on what treatment options worked for them.

DO be supportive, express your love for each other, continue to love your partner, be active, and involve compassion and understanding in your communication.

DO NOT be critical, place blame, judge, get defensive, give or take blame, and never think that the love is gone from your relationship. And above ignore the problem.